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Pairing Summit with your Evaluation Year

By Julie Maruska, NE Basecamp Personalized Learning Coach

If you are a teacher in an evaluation year, you may be experiencing some anxiety.  You are not alone.  You may not realize this but implementing Summit Learning in your classroom aligns perfectly to the evaluation rubric.  Last year many of my colleagues and I were not only being evaluated but we were using Summit for the first time, just like many of you.  Don’t worry – I’ve put together some helpful tips that will seamlessly merge your use of Summit with your observations, PGG, and SLOs. READ MORE

Notes from the Classroom: Critical Thinking In our Schools

The Power of Why?

By Dr. Shayna Fox-Norwitz, Director of Special Programming, New England Basecamp

I visited one of our Summit personalized learning cohort schools the other day and came across a student sitting by herself in the hallway with her Chromebook and notebook in her lap. I sat down next to her and asked her what she was doing out in the hallway, all by herself. She replied that she had already taken the content assessment for her geography class a few times and didn’t pass. She thought that the change of scenery might help her to study her notes and try again. READ MORE

Real and Lasting Positive School Change

By Donna Stone, District-Charter Partnership, Personalized Learning, January 21, 2017

Raising the bar and expectations for our students falls on the shoulders of our teachers.  Encouraging, developing, and supporting teachers as they shift the teacher-learner paradigm is built upon a foundation of strong leadership provided by empowered, and empowering, school leaders.


Real and Lasting Positive School Change

There are a couple of catch phrases that seem to creep into my conversations on nearly a daily basis. One is- This is hard work, but good work.  No truer words could be spoken when you reflect on those of our profession who make a dedicated and concerted effort to improve teaching and learning in their schools and classrooms.  The second frequent catchphrase is- Changing teaching and learning does not come with a magic wand.  For Christmas, I actually was gifted a magic wand. Though I love it, it still won’t change school practices with a flick of the wrist.

The magic comes from the hard work and dedication of our teachers who have joined our efforts to bring personalized learning to our classrooms.  Again the catchphrase- this is hard work, but good work surfaces.  Hard work.  No magic wand.  Because changing teaching and learning requires open mindedness, steadfastness, dedication and most importantly, support.  READ MORE

Supporting Self-Directed Learners

By Wendy Espinoza Cotta, Student Voices, December 8, 2016

In my work supporting the implementation of the Summit model of personalized learning in various public schools, I reflect on how we can empower students to find their own voice in learning and become self-directed learners. Personalized learning, student-centered learning, individualized learning, differentiated instruction…so many words are passed around in this dizzying transitional age. It is helpful when thought leaders (such as David Warlik) delve into teasing out the nuances of some of these abstract, jargon-rich educational concepts. READ MORE

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