Special Programming

New England Basecamp provides special programs based on need to teachers from partner schools. In the past special programs have included professional developments focused on Special Education, English Learners, Literacy and Math Instruction. These programs commonly are 6 hour sessions and include educators from a variety of schools allowing for cross-district collaboration.

Learning Tours

New England Basecamp offers Learning Tours as an opportunity for educators to visit schools that are currently implementing the Summit Model of Personalized Learning in their classrooms. Each tour begins with an overview of New England Basecamp and the model that they are helping schools to implement. Each tour includes a chance to see three cohort schools in various stages of implementation and a chance to speak with students, teachers and administrators. Tours include school bus transportation to each school site and lunch. The exact itinerary for each tour will be sent to ticket holders one week prior to the tour.

Summer Training

New England Basecamp provides and extended week of training during the summer that helps to supplement the initial team training. This training helps teams to build and maintain norms and structures aligned to Summit Learning, including enhanced mentor techniques and restorative practices. Teachers may select to attend breakout sessions to learn about different strategies for differentiating instruction for English Learners as well as making accommodations and modifications for special education students. Teams may also participate in guided work sessions to map out and plan their first month of instruction, getting the year off to a great start.

ED Chat RI

WHAT IS #EDCHAT? #Edchat is a hashtag, a movement—it is an organized Twitter discussion of educators and people interested in education that meet virtually from all over the world.

New England Basecamp’s purpose in hosting Ed Chat conversations  is to engage a broader audience in discussions related to personalized learning.

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