Personalized Learning

In personalized learning settings, teachers assess students’ strengths and needs to create learning plans that are aligned with each student’s interests, while maintaining strong academic standards. This collaboration allows students to take greater ownership of their learning while enabling teachers to work with them to discover their passions and interests.

Personalized learning is accomplished using a mix of approaches that employs the best of what we know already works – from traditional teacher-led lessons and one-on-one time with a teacher, to discussions with peers and lessons students can interact with at home.

This approach is helping students from every background develop skills beyond academics – like problem solving, collaboration, flexibility and initiative – that prepare them for success in college and careers.

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Sustained and Embedded Support

The key to our successful coaching program is the trusting relationship between our teachers and our coaches.   Our district and school leader support is also a vital component of our work and helps build a shared vision for all levels of educators.  Coaching is confidential, non-evaluative, and supportive. Coaches work one-on-one and in small groups with teachers on specific teaching strategies or problems, focusing on practical changes they can make in their classrooms. This ongoing one-on-one work is supplemented by other professional development opportunities,  special programming, and communities of practice throughout the region.

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