New England Basecamp provides intensive summer training and the unique opportunity to gain access to professional development and ongoing school leader and teacher support in implementing the Summit model of personalized learning.

As a member school of New England Basecamp, you also have multiple opportunities to meet and share practices with personalized learning educators from across New England who are engaged in implementing the Summit model of personalized learning as well.

Organizational History

New England Basecamp is an educational nonprofit, established in 2016 out of the work that began in 2014 when three Rhode Island schools were accepted into the first cohort in the country to implement Summit Learning. While these schools were all very different from one another, Donna Stone, CEO, realized that there was no reason that they could not learn from and with each other. When an additional ten Rhode Island schools were accepted into the 2nd cohort, the need to formalize and scale the initial efforts became evident. In the past three years New England Basecamp has expanded its’ in school support to more than 32 schools and districts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, its’ multifaceted educator supports reach well beyond these states.  Since its’ inception New England Basecamp has focused on organizing collaborative efforts between school and teacher leaders from across the region to initiate and implement best practices in creating high quality educational environments for all students. Additionally, New England Basecamp works to engage school and district leaders in dialogue around building shared leadership practices, driving the change management process and developing greater cultural competency to build inclusive and empowered schools.